The Source for Women operates three Houston area centers and offers a wide range of reproductive health care services to men, women, and their families.


We provide cost-free pregnancy support and preventative care to the women of Houston and beyond. 4D Ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and STD/STI screening are just a few of our medical services. We also offer professional counseling, education opportunities, and more. Visit our services page here to see a full list of what we can offer you. 

“The ladies here are so awesome and nice. The experience here was so welcoming and it was so easy to participate with the classes. It was a good experience.”  -Martha


We have a number of services that are available for men. Men can take advantage of our professional counseling services, both personal counseling and relationship counseling. In addition, men can participate in our 4Real Training classes and learn about things like parenting, finances, or relationships. Finally, a number of our resources and referrals are available to men such as job search and employment help, low cost medical clinics, housing resources, and more. Visit our services page here for more information.


Many of our services at The Source for Women are geared not just towards individuals, but towards couples and families as well. All of our education and counseling opportunities (including relationship counseling and family counseling) are open to both men and women, and we encourage couples to take advantage of these opportunities together when possible. Along with these opportunities, we have many resources and referrals that are geared towards families. We can connect you with car seat assistance, housing assistance, insurance help, relationship and marriage training, the nurse family partnership, food assistance, and more. Schedule a cost-free appointment today to learn more about the wide range of resources available to your family.

“I was able to come to a judgement free place, meet other moms, and gain knowledge in other aspects of parenting.”  -Amanda